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The Proposition

Unmistakeably written by Nick Cave, The Proposition is set in the late 1800s in the Australian outback. Unbearable heat, violence and poverty made up the lives of the early migrants that travelled to the relatively unknown country. For the indigenous inhabitants of Australia, it was also a bloody and brutal time. Cave’s script is poetic … Continue reading

Lano & Woodley

From 1986-2006, Lano and Woodley were one of the most successful Australian comedy acts around. Consisting of Colin Lane and Frank Woodley (always seen wearing a red hat when part of the duo), the guys won Perrier awards, ARIA awards, released an album and even had their own sitcom, ‘The Adventures of Lano and Woodley’. … Continue reading

Great Aussie Tweeters

I thought rather than focus on a particular TV show or comedy group, I’d introduce you instead to some very fun Australian tweeters. I’ll keep it brief, as having a look at their Twitter pages will be the only thing that will make you want to follow them! @ChasLicc Chas Licciardello is a member of … Continue reading

Thank God You’re Here

So to continue your education in all things Australian, we turn to television. Now, Australian TV is nothing to write home about. It follows American broadcasting rigidly, with advert breaks appearing what feels like every 5 minutes and awful current affairs shows bombarding every channel. However, occasionally a gem will appear, and in 2006 Thank … Continue reading

It’s A Craft, But There’s No Art Involved…

I know that I only posted on here yesterday, but I felt it only right that I mention the death of the true Aussie great, Bill Hunter. He passed away yesterday aged 71 after a battle with cancer. For those of you that don’t know Bill, you’ve obviously never seen an Australian film… I can … Continue reading

Moo, You Bloody Choir

So we’ve had comedians, time for a bit of Aussie music to continue your journey into all things Antipodean. Augie March formed in 1996 in a city called Shepparton, just north of Melbourne. Led by vocalist and guitarist Glenn Richards, the band have achieved critical acclaim and commercial success in the last 5 years, but … Continue reading

On Behalf Of All The Geeks

3 guys, 2 guitars, and a hell of a lot of geeky references make up the comedy trio ‘Tripod’. The guys in question are Scod (Scott Edgar), Yon (Simon Hall), and Gatesy (Steven Gates) who formed the group in the late nineties. Since then, the boys have released a stack of CDs and DVDs and … Continue reading

Banned by Prince Charles himself, it’s The Chaser…

In 2007, Sydney played host to APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation). A large area of the city was closed off to all members of the public as world leaders travelled to take part in what looked to be a fairly boring event. That was until Julian Morrow and Chas Licciardello decided to lead a fake motorcade … Continue reading

If Ant and Dec were drunks…

This blog has been a tricky one. My previous post was just a quick introduction into what I would be using this blog for: letting British people know just how good Australian comedy/music/TV can be. But where do I start? At first I planned on picking an Aussie band (The Cat Empire- who I am … Continue reading

Hello and G’Day

Hi, I guess is the best way to start a blog… I’ve never blogged before, so please be patient with me. My name is Lou, and I will be blogging about all things Australian, mainly comedy, music, television and film. Here is why… When I was a toddler my uncle went to Australia and fell … Continue reading


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