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Great Aussie Tweeters

I thought rather than focus on a particular TV show or comedy group, I’d introduce you instead to some very fun Australian tweeters. I’ll keep it brief, as having a look at their Twitter pages will be the only thing that will make you want to follow them!

Chas Licciardello is a member of The Chaser who were covered in a previous post. Possibly considered the ‘Steve-O’ of the group, Chas is actually a former lawyer. His tweets mostly centre around interesting websites he’s found, often to do with politics, the economy, or just the downright bizarre.

Doctor Karl Kruszelnicki is the walking definition of a crazy scientist. With a full name like ‘Karl Sven Woytek Sas Konkovitch Matthew Kruszelnicki’ you’ve got to be a bit eccentric. He’s written over 20 books and even has his own late night radio show on BBC Radio 5 Live. For answers to any science-related questions, follow this man.@Meshel_Laurie
Meshel Laurie is a Brisbane-born comedienne and broadcaster. Not only is she very funny, but her tweets are warm and friendly, and she talks a lot of sense. A lot of respect for Ms Laurie.

Hamish and Andy spend most of their time on Twitter posting ridiculous photos of each other. They’re currently over in the US causing mayhem and broadcasting their Australian radio show from there. Follow them for bizzare photos, silly jokes, and a lot of fun.

A more ‘serious’ Twitter account to end this blog. Generation One are dedicated to ending the disadvantages many indigenous Australians face. Hundreds of years of suffering because of ‘New Australians’ has deeply effected the Aboriginal communities, and societies such as Generation One are working towards making a better Australia for all inhabitants.



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