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Moo, You Bloody Choir

So we’ve had comedians, time for a bit of Aussie music to continue your journey into all things Antipodean.

Augie March formed in 1996 in a city called Shepparton, just north of Melbourne. Led by vocalist and guitarist Glenn Richards, the band have achieved critical acclaim and commercial success in the last 5 years, but until then it was a very slow build up. Their first album ‘Sunset Studies’ was released in 2000 and did not achieve much success for the band. It spent just one week in the ARIA Albums Charts and the band played limited dates on Australia’s east coast.

‘Strange Bird’, the band’s second LP, was released two years later. Once again, commercially the album did not do well but the critics loved it. The album helped the band secure a strong fanbase and they toured more extensively to support this. If you want to listen to the album on Spotify, I strongly recommend ‘This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers’ and ‘Song In The Key Of Chance’.

Then, in 2006, came Augie March’s ‘Moo, You Bloody Choir’. The album spent 21 weeks in the ARIA Albums Chart and peaked at number 10. It was the lead single ‘One Crowded Hour’ that drew the most attention. I clearly remember hearing the song for the very first time and thinking just how beautiful it was. The track was later voted the tenth best Australian song of the last 20 years by readers of ‘The Australian’ newspaper. It’s pace and poetry make it one of my favourite songs of all time. Other stand-out tracks on the album include the mournful ‘The Cold Acre’ and the more speedy ‘Just Passing Through’.

Since then, Augie March have released another album: ‘Watch Me Disappear’. Unfortunately and somewhat ironically, the album has recently vanished from Spotify. However, you can still listen to tracks via YouTube.

So I guess after praising it so much, I’d better post the video for ‘One Crowded Hour’. Let me know what you think of it:



2 thoughts on “Moo, You Bloody Choir

  1. One Crowded Hour-Just beautiful, pity there doesn’t seem to any tours planned.

    Posted by Sue Mawson | May 22, 2011, 2:56 am

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