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On Behalf Of All The Geeks

3 guys, 2 guitars, and a hell of a lot of geeky references make up the comedy trio ‘Tripod’. The guys in question are Scod (Scott Edgar), Yon (Simon Hall), and Gatesy (Steven Gates) who formed the group in the late nineties. Since then, the boys have released a stack of CDs and DVDs and are massively popular in their home country of Australia.

Saying these guys are geeky is like saying the Pope is ever-so-slightly Catholic. With songs such as ‘Hot Girl In The Comic Shop’, ‘On Behalf Of All The Geeks’, and an entire show centering around ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ making up part of their back catalogue; these guys are bordering on nerdy. However, they are not a cult success in their home country. With frequent appearances on panel shows, radio, and comedy galas, these guys are a true comedy success. They never alienate larger audiences despite frequent references to cult video games and comic books. The appeal comes from them believing that they are very cool and very sexy, whilst admitting at the same time that they would rather play on their xbox than have sex.

Bickering and bullying makes up a large part of their act, usually aimed towards the small elfin-like Yon. Gatesy believes he’s a sex-god (okay, he is quite cute) and Scod thinks he’s God’s gift to the musical world (he actually is a pretty damn good singer). But they do it all in such a charming, naive way that they win over any audience. I was lucky enough to see them live last October whilst over in Brisbane. They were performing ‘Tripod Versus The Dragon’, the show that is centered around the boys playing the game Dungeons and Dragons. I was worried that I wouldn’t get any of the references and that the show would go over my head, but they know by now that half of their audience isn’t quite as geeky as they are. The show was fantastic and even though I didn’t know anything previously about Dungeons and Dragons, I completely understood what they were on about through the wonderful medium of song. Okay, time for a fangirl moment… me with Gatesy and Yon after the show:

The group’s timing is impeccable and although you never know what performers are really like off stage, they seem to be a very tightly-knit little team. Often laughing at each other in the middle of a performance and ad-libbing with one another makes you feel completely at ease with them.

Here are some tracks by the group. It was very difficult to choose just three, but I hope you enjoy them. The third video is one of the best cover versions you’ll ever here (Radiohead’s ‘Paranoid Android’).



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