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Banned by Prince Charles himself, it’s The Chaser…

In 2007, Sydney played host to APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation). A large area of the city was closed off to all members of the public as world leaders travelled to take part in what looked to be a fairly boring event. That was until Julian Morrow and Chas Licciardello decided to lead a fake motorcade (cars with Canadian flags on the front) and drive through several security checkpoints, then pull up outside George W. Bush’s hotel. They then decided to have a little walk around and see if the police would clock them. Oh, and Chas was dressed up as Osama Bin Laden.

Julian and Chas, along with several members of their production team, were arrested and faced a possible prison sentence because of the stunt. But, this is all in a day’s work for The Chaser team.

The Chaser are a group of five men (Julian Morrow, Chas Licciardello, Craig Reucassel, Andrew Hansen and Chris Taylor), mostly from law and journalism backgrounds. They have written their own newspaper, hosted radio shows and made several ‘Election Specials’ over the years. But mostly they will be known for their TV show ‘The Chaser’s War On Everything’. The show lasted 3 seasons from 2006-2009, and was an array of stunts, sketches, and most of all, controversies. The show was suspended several times, with certain episodes banned from even featuring on the DVDs (go and watch the ‘Make A Realistic Wish Foundation’ sketch on YouTube- this whole episode was deleted from season 3’s DVD).

However, the group are not all about controversy. They are fantastic comedians, pure and simple. Scarcely any of the sketches or stunts missed the mark, and the group have achieved huge success in their home country. Aside from The Chaser’s War On Everything, they also created a spoof current affairs show entitled CNNNN and such ‘election specials’ as ‘Yes We Canberra!’ Most recently, the group were scheduled to broadcast ‘The Chaser’s Royal Wedding Commentary’- a live commentary of William and Kate’s wedding ceremony. Just days before the show was scheduled to air, Clarence House determined that there was no way in hell this was going to happen: http://bbc.in/eyFvLs

Once again, this has just given The Chaser even more publicity. International publicity, at that. But with no TV projects currently scheduled, we can only hold our breath and hope that the next outing will at least get screened on television.

Here are some of the very best Chaser moments (so far…):



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