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If Ant and Dec were drunks…

This blog has been a tricky one. My previous post was just a quick introduction into what I would be using this blog for: letting British people know just how good Australian comedy/music/TV can be. But where do I start? At first I planned on picking an Aussie band (The Cat Empire- who I am sure will feature later) but it’s a Sunday afternoon and I fancied a giggle.

So there really is no better place to start than with Hamish and Andy. Now, when I say these guys are famous in Australia… that doesn’t even cover it. Imagine Ant and Dec with a possible drink problem and a fixation on toilet humour. These guys have had numerous TV programmes and radio shows, as well as hosting awards ceremonies, appearing on British TV and touring the world. It would be impossible to find an Australian who does not know who they are.

Hamish (lighter hair, blue eyes) and Andy (dark hair, brown eyes) hosted a radio show on Fox FM from 2006-2010 which was, and still is, the highest-rating show in Australian history. The pair had on average 2.7 million listeners per broadcast… That is how famous these two men are.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the time Hamish and Andy decided to attend 42 parties in one weekend:



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