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Hello and G’Day

Hi, I guess is the best way to start a blog… I’ve never blogged before, so please be patient with me.

My name is Lou, and I will be blogging about all things Australian, mainly comedy, music, television and film. Here is why…

When I was a toddler my uncle went to Australia and fell in love with an Australian lady. A few years later he moved there permanently and married said Australian lady (my lovely Aunty). This made my mummy want to go to Australia lots and lots of times. So I was a very lucky child, because although we certainly weren’t well off by any means, my parents scraped together enough money to take us to Australia every 4 or so years- beginning an obsession with the country’s media- in particular, comedy.

Then in 2007, my parents and my sister made the big move to Brisbane- I stayed behind for University and a recently acquired boyfriend (who, thank god, I am still with today). So after years of fantastic holidays, Australia became my second home.

Australia is home to some truly amazing comedians, musicians, writers and filmmakers- and I would like to introduce you to my favourites…



One thought on “Hello and G’Day

  1. Love your new blog site, enjoyed reading all the err………..bloggy stuff.

    Posted by Sue Mawson | May 16, 2011, 3:20 am

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